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We all have had experiences in our lives that cause us to doubt,
become lost, and question what the next step should be. The first step
is finding the road that leads back to you. When we get lost it's
because we have lost our connection with ourselves and our spiritual

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Law of Attraction Life Coaching with Jeannette

What is my life’s purpose? How do I achieve that career goal? How can I
improve my relationships? How can I love more fully? What is my next step
along my Spiritual Path?

If you are asking yourself similar questions, Jeannette is the coach to have
alongside you providing support and encouragement throughout your
journey. Jeannette is a
  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach through the
     Quantum Success Academy
  • Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Practitioner- Professional
    Master Level through Denise Linn
  • Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue
  • Advanced Angel Training through Doreen Virtue
  • Spirit Guide Coach through Deborah King
  • The NOW Certification through Dr. Darren Weissman
  • Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki

Through Law of Attraction Coaching she can help you uncover your
deepest goals and desires to grow personally and to awaken on a Soul
level. She can help you identify old beliefs and thought patterns that have
been standing in your way. Then guide you while you create new beliefs
which will positively impact the way you experience your life. If you want to
uncover your true essence, get to know the beautiful Inner Being that is
you, and awaken abundance in your life contact Jeannette at
Ignite Your Love